Alike Humans


As part of Halton Borough Council’s ongoing commitment to ‘stamping out’ hate crime in Halton, and following the success of Halton Against Hate 2016, Halton Youth Cabinet is working on a new project which aims to share the stories of young people affected by hate crime. Following the collection of the stories, certain details will be anonymised/aliased to uphold safeguading standards, we will distribute them in large format graphics across the borough with the main aim of increasing the awareness of reporting and ultimatly reducing the levels of hate crime throughout Runcorn & Widnes.

Halton Youth Cabinet has the support of the following organizations for this project:

  • Halton Children’s Trust
  • Safer Halton Partnership
  • Halton Borough Council Community Safety Team
  • Cheshire Police
  • Young Addaction Halton

In order for this project to be successful, we need your help. Whether you’re a young person, or a professional who works closely with young people and know that your/their story would benifit this project then please get in touch with us and we can set up a meeting to discuss your participation. All information which is submitted to us is handled¬†confidentially.¬†


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